Sophie’s amazing gift of life to sick children

SOPHIE Bombski lives on in the hearts, lungs and kidneys of at least seven other children.

Her parents, Andre and Karina and 11-year-old sister, Hannah, jointly made the decision to donate Sophie's organs when the hospital confirmed the heartbreaking news Sophie had no brain activity.

The bubbly 10-year-old, who had epilepsy since she was three, was pulled out of the family's backyard pool in Little Mountain on February 28.

She died in Brisbane's Lady Cilento Hospital two days later. It is believed she had an epileptic seizure in the water.

Mrs Bombski told how it wasn't a difficult decision to donate Sophie's organs as "we knew she would like that".

"She was the kind of girl who loved helping others," she said.

"Her heart tissue has been used to save quite a few lives, her valves as well.

"They gave us plenty of time with her and explained everything to us. They said we could change our minds at any time.

"Sophie would have done this for someone else. Her kidneys went to two different recipients and her lungs have been used too."

The family hopes to correspond with the children Sophie saved.

"We can write letters," Mrs Bombski said.

The Sunshine Coast has been invited to share in a farewell to Sophie by celebrating everything she loved at her funeral service.

She loved rainbows and unicorns, pink and purple and all of her favourite foods, "like plain Pringles, M&Ms, chocolate éclairs and fruit platters with strawberries and blueberries".

Her service will held tomorrow, March 9, at Caloundra's Gregson & Weight Chapel from 2pm.

Mr Bombski's last memory of his daughter was only a few hours before the accident.

"Earlier that day, I walked passed her bedroom window and she gave me a beautiful smile. I thought 'gosh, she's beautiful'.

"She gave me a little wave and I waved back. That's the last image I recall of seeing her alive.

"She was a really happy, bubbly girl."

Mr Bombski said Sophie was a strong swimmer who never allowed her epilepsy to limit her or define her.

"She never felt like she was different or cheated because of it," he said.

Her family also thanked the community for all of the messages of love and support. They have asked donations are sent to Care Flight, Caloundra Hospital, Lady Cilento Hospital and Epilepsy Queensland as they did "so much to help Sophie".

Her Meridan State College classmates have made paper love hearts for tomorrow's service.

"We want it to be a celebration of her life, we don't want her to have doom and gloom," Mr Bombski said.

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