The Southampton Inn.
The Southampton Inn. Alison Zavos, Lost at E Minor

Southampton an affordable option

THE Hamptons is out of reach, in more ways than one ($), to the bulk of New Yorkers who pine unrequitedly for its sandy shorelines and (comparatively) fresh air.

Hence the recent discovery of the Southampton Inn, easily accessible from the city and, gasp, affordable is a boon.

Inside the Tudor styled Inn are a bunch of facilities that will spice up a summer retreat.

Tennis? Check.

Heated pool? Check.

Restaurant? Check (Oso, open in the warmer months).

Fluffy black house cat? Err, check.

I spent a weekend up there recently, exploring the Southampton stores and restaurants and unwinding like a tightly wound coil from the excesses of inner-city (read: Brooklyn) living, working, commuting.

Ah, breathe! Deeply.

This Inn sits on five acres of land. More than enough to keep you busy.

Or not.

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