Dornene Moore says Bean couldn’t have turned out to be a better dog after being left for dead at three days old.
Dornene Moore says Bean couldn’t have turned out to be a better dog after being left for dead at three days old.

Special little Bean blossoming

SHE may have been left for dead 10 months ago, but Bean the cattle dog couldn’t have ended up in a better home.

The tiny ball of fluff was just three days old when she was dumped in bushland off Opal St, but that didn’t stop Dornene Moore and her daughter Nisa from giving the “little jelly bean” a loving home.

Dornene said raising the pup from such a young age was like having a baby again.

“I put her on the bottle and a heated bed and have never looked back since,” she said.

“It’s funny sometimes how fate brings you things. She’s turned out to be a wonderful dog.”

Dornene has lived in Emerald for the past 21 years and has five four-legged friends on her 60-acre property.

Spot, Star, Streak and Yodel are all working dogs on the property, but Bean is the only one who gets those extra special privileges.

“She loves to crawl in the bed with us at night,” Dornene said with a laugh.

“She’s very affectionate and she is the only dog allowed in the house.”

The mother-of-three said each of the dogs came with their own stories and that she had always had a love for animals.

“Two of the dogs were auctioned off for a girl who was diagnosed with leukaemia,” she said.

“Bean has turned out to be the smartest dog we’ve had though - she is my success story.

“All the dogs have been brought up to look after the house and me.”

Dornene said she was horrified when she heard about Bean’s start in life and couldn’t fathom how someone could dump the little ball of fluff.

“I don’t know how you could have dumped her,” she said.

“She was such a perfect little dog.”

And while Bean is Dornene’s “companion dog” she said she still had some puppy traits.

“She’s pretty well balanced but still gets into mischief every now and again and digs holes,” she said with a laugh.

Dornene had a bit of a scare a few months ago when Bean was kicked in the head by one of the family’s horses and had a mild concussion.

“I had to get up every two hours that night to make sure she was okay,” she said.

“It took me back to when we first brought her home.”

Because Dornene’s daughter Nisa was a vet nurse at the Maraboon Vet Surgery, Dornene said she had taken in lots of pets in the past before they were put into foster care, including magpies and a Kingfisher bird.

“I try not to take them now, I get too attached,” Dornene said.

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