Speeding driver watching World Cup scores on mobile

A driver has lost his licence after being pulled over by police in Sydney's west on Sunday night.

Just after 10pm police pulled over a vehicle after the driver was detected travelling at 96km/h in a 70km/h speed zone on the Cumberland Highway in Smithfield.

When officers approached the car they noticed the 33-year-old driver has attached a mobile phone to the steering wheel so they could see live score updates of the World Cup cricket.

To make matters even worse, officers found a two-year-old child in the back of the car sitting unrestrained in a child seat.

The driver was slapped with three infringement notices, resulting in 24 demerit points due to double demerits being in force.

They copped 8 points for exceeding the speed limit over 20km/h, 10 points for using a mobile phone and 6 points for the unrestrained child.

A video of the driver's dodgy set up was posted to Facebook by the Traffic and Highway Patrol Command, with hundreds of people left in disbelief at the bizarre set up.

"How many points for stupidity?" one person asked.

"Take his licence for good he doesn't deserve to have one," another said.

One added: "Glad he was caught before he caused an accident and hurt someone."

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