CLEANING UP: Sophie, Maddison, Jorja and Zac.
CLEANING UP: Sophie, Maddison, Jorja and Zac.

Springsure cleans up the nation in its 150th year

Celebrating 150 years

ON JUNE 23, 1869, a public meeting was called with the purpose of approaching the Queensland Government to establish a state school in Springsure.

Permission being given, tenders were called for the building, to consist of one long room for the school and two rooms behind it for the teacher’s residence.

A tender of £477 was accepted on June 25 and the building was ready for opening in January, 1870.

The actual opening day of the school was March 14, 1870.

Next week, on March 13, 2020, the staff and students of Springsure State School will participate in a cake-cutting ceremony before marking out the digits ‘150’ on the school oval. This significant occasion will be commemorated with a whole host of anniversary celebrations at the school during the Easter weekend.

School leaders’ induction

ON FRIDAY, February 21, our senior leaders for 2020 were inducted.

These students have already shown their leadership capability by their conduct at the Central Highlands GRIP Leadership Conference.

Our primary leaders were involved in many activities which included teamwork exercises, effective communication, problem solving and encouragement to step outside of their comfort zones.

It is a credit to these students for displaying such a positive attitude and preparing to lead our school with pride.

Our student leaders will be mentored and supported this year by Miss Gorman and Mrs Howard.

Students will choose one charity a term to raise awareness and funds, as well as supervising the sports shed, assisting with Learning Connections and participating in many community events.

School leaders with Mrs Howard.
School leaders with Mrs Howard.

Kindness is the new cool

THE students in Year 6 have made such a positive start to the year, with kindness being shared in abundance!

We are understanding that practising gratitude, empathy (compassion) and mindfulness leads us to happier, more fulfilling experiences.

This looks like the (almost) daily recording in our very own wellbeing journals of three things that went well for us that day.

By asking the question of ourselves, “What went well for me today?” students are encouraged to focus on the positive aspects of their day, to turn their attention to all of the enriching, engaging and meaningful interactions that they have had that made it a good day.

At times, finding three things that went well can be a rather challenging task, especially on a difficult day, but by focusing in and being mindful, students can turn their attention to the positives, however small, and leave the classroom feeling a little more grateful and a little more encouraged about their day.

Charlie, Mason, Ben, Harley and Kobi.
Charlie, Mason, Ben, Harley and Kobi.

Preppies off to a great start

WE HAVE had a great start to the 2020 school year in Prep.

We have had lots of adventures around the school looking for the green sheep and Lilly’s chocolate hearts.

We have met six of the SSP monsters and learnt their actions using Cued Articulation.

Each morning before school we have been under the primary building with the Years 1 and 2 students, participating in Learning Connections.

In English we have been learning about the setting and characters in stories and in maths we have been exploring numbers, counting and sorting collections.

We also met Zero the Hero and Zerolina from Planet Zero on day 10 of Prep.

We have also been very creative in the Prep room.

We have drawn self-portraits for the art exhibition and made beautiful red love heart collages for Valentine’s Day.

So much fun in such a short time! We are the luckiest class in the school!

Clean Up Australia Day for Schools

OUR very industrious students eagerly participated in Clean Up Australia Day for Schools on Friday, February 28.

The students ensured our grounds are looking in tip-top condition for our birthday party next Friday. The beautiful rain has certainly contributed to our school looking sensational!

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