Stabbing victim thought he was 'going to die' during attack

ANTHONY Scott Roy Warwick thought he was "going to die" when his long time mate lunged at him with a knife.

But his friend thought his life was in jeopardy when Warwick came out of his Sadlier's Creek home allegedly wielding a weapon.

On Thursday the jury trying Warwick and his boyfriend, Allen Lee Divo, for attempted murder were faced with two versions of events.

Graham Alan Livingstone sustained a stab wound to his right side, which punctured his heart on November 6, 2011, at Warwick and Divo's home.

But Warwick gave evidence it was Mr Livingstone who came to his home with the knife.

Warwick claimed he told Mr Livingstone he was giving him one last cash instalment for fixing his car recently.

"I told him that was the last amount of money to give him because the car was virtually f**ked," he said.

"He got aggressive and basically said 'f**k you'.

"I became panicked at the time because he became aggressive."

Warwick told the jury he saw a knife in Mr Livingstone's hand and attempted to grab it off him.

"Graham has come forward at me and we have toppled over my lounge chair," Warwick said.

"I realised I was lying on a baseball bat and this was the only way out of this situation."

Under cross-examination, Warwick said he didn't know how his baseball bat got to the outdoor lounge.

The 36-year-old said he started swinging the bat at Mr Livingstone.Asked what he was thinking at the time, Warwick replied: "I am going to die, basically."

Mr Livingstone fled and not long after Warwick said he heard police sirens and also left the property.

Warwick claimed he fled the scene because he had an outstanding arrest warrant against him and did not know Livingstone had been stabbed.

The arrest warrant resulted from not completing a rehabilitation program as part of a court order.

Warwick's side of the story conflicts with the Crown's case.

The Crown alleges Mr Livingstone went the house where Divo and Warwick confronted him about alleged rumours he had spread, before Warwick stabbed him.

Defence barrister James Godbolt reminded the jury Warwick was wearing a pair of boxer shorts when Mr Livingstone arrived.

"If you are going to attack someone in a serious way would you wear a pair of boxer shorts?" he said.

The trial in the Brisbane Supreme Court continues.

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