Still optimistic about property in Queensland

QUEENSLAND'S property industry has maintained its position as the second most optimistic in the country, according to the ANZ/Property Council survey.

Over the past quarter, Queensland experienced a slight drop in confidence from 143 to 139 on the index, with a score of 100 considered neutral.

But the insight the survey provided into the state election was its most interesting aspect, Property Council of Australia's Queensland executive director Chris Mountford said.

"While the survey was undertaken in December and prior to the announcement of the January 31 election, the results clearly point to planning reform as a key election issue," Mr Mountford said.

"Over the past two years a significant amount of work has been done to streamline and reform Queensland's overly complex planning system.

"The industry's endorsement of these changes is reflected in the continued strong positive response when asked whether or not the State Government is doing a good job planning and managing growth.

"On this issue, the Queensland Government's performance rating is more than twice that of NSW and streets ahead of the other mainland states."

Mr Mountford said the lapse of further proposed planning legislation caused by the early election call meant the next wave of reforms was now in jeopardy.

"A failure to deliver on the promise of these reforms will be a major blow to the property industry's confidence," he said.


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