NOT ON: Sue Riley had to replace her wheelbarrow which was stolen from the Tropical Paradise Nursery.
NOT ON: Sue Riley had to replace her wheelbarrow which was stolen from the Tropical Paradise Nursery. Mike Knott BUNWHEEL

Nursery owners baffled by stolen wheelbarrow

STOLEN goods have left the owners of Tropical Paradise on Lovers Walk Nursery scratching their heads after arriving to find a mound of dirt.

Susan Riley said she was shocked and a little confused after opening the doors to find one of the nursery's wheelbarrows had been stolen and the soil which was in it lay in its place.

"At first we thought it was so strange - why would someone come into the nursery and take a wheelbarrow?" she said.

"Then we noticed a hammer drill was also taken.

"We looked for wheelbarrow tyre marks but couldn't locate them."

Mrs Riley said she had bought the wheelbarrow recently and it was an expensive brand.

"There were three wheelbarrows together and they had to empty the one they took which was the one that cost the most," she said.

"This makes me think they had some idea of what they were doing.

"But I still think it's a little strange."

The NewsMail asked Facebook friends to share their stories with petty stolen experiences.

Margaret Neibling said each time she put a solar light near her letterbox it was stolen.

"Every one gets stolen. It's a $2 light, for God's sake," she said.

Elly Baines said she had to replace her ashtray five times after they were continually stolen from her front balcony.

And Raymond Sinnamon said he had a fire fighter pump stolen and the culprits would have had a tough time taking it.

"A fire fighter pump where they had to traverse a log-infested creek to steal it," Mr Sinnamon said.

"Why do people have free rein to trespass, steal and destroy and get away with it?"

Mrs Riley said the wheelbarrow was taken from the business sometime between 4pm Tuesday and 6am Wednesday and it had been reported to police.

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