Pamela Rose-Holt puts an anti-tip strap on her TV to protect 13-month-old Gemma Lee Rose Holt from possible injury.
Pamela Rose-Holt puts an anti-tip strap on her TV to protect 13-month-old Gemma Lee Rose Holt from possible injury. Cade Mooney

Anti-tip TV straps keep bub safe

A MOTHER'S desire to keep her long-awaited baby daughter safe may well save the lives of more Australian toddlers.

Pamela Rose-Holt endured nine cycles of IVF and a miscarriage before Gemma was born 13 months ago, sealing her marriage to Damien.

In a quest to make their Sippy Downs home safe for a baby, Mrs Rose-Holt sought a way to stabilise the television so it could not topple, and has now gone into business importing anti-tip TV straps.

Mrs Rose-Holt said many small children were seriously injured, some fatally, by televisions which tipped or fell on them, often during play and she could not bear anything happening to Gemma.

“This baby was so precious. It took years and pretty much our life savings to have her. I couldn't bear anything to happen to her,” Mrs Rose-Holt said.

“I remember saying to Damien, ‘What are we going to do about this TV? We're either going to have to get rid of it or you're going to have to MacGyver something up for it'.”

Mrs Rose-Holt discovered the Danish-made Babydan anti-tip TV straps on the internet before she had to call upon her husband to do his best impression of Richard Dean Anderson with duct tape and a Swiss army knife.

The straps attach to the back of a television, at the VESA wall mounts, and to the cupboard or furniture piece on which the television sits to prevent the TV from toppling should a toddler reach up and bump it.

Mrs Rose-Holt decided to import the straps when she discovered they were not available in Australia, and has begun an online child safety products business,

The straps are also for sale through child safety organisation KIDSAFE in Brisbane.

Mrs Rose-Holt said modern flat-screen televisions appeared to be more top-heavy than older TVs, making stabilisation even more important. The straps are particularly suitable for tenants who are not allowed to mark the walls.


  • 12 Australian children died between 2000- 2009 from tip-over injuries
  • 155 children under five present with tip-over injuries in Queensland ever year.
  • Most injuries occur between children aged between one and three years old

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