Stroke awareness propels Dan south

Dan met Bill during his travels and thanked everyone for their support on his Facebook page.
Dan met Bill during his travels and thanked everyone for their support on his Facebook page.

SOMEWHERE in the expanse of outback Queensland, Dan Englund has plenty of time to think - and also smell the dead kangaroos.

Dan is currently running 1000km for stroke awareness.

He said jokingly on Facebook that the beautiful country air was beginning to smell more and more like dead kangaroo.

"I know why bullbars and spotlight companies are in business," he posted.

"While on the road running you get to take the time to smell the air, the good type, and actually see the beauty of the outback.

I can only imagine what Ludwig Leichhardt would have come across while exploring the area I am running in. It's just amazing to see nothing but grass hills dotted with gum trees in the distance - Dan Englund

Dan and wife Tania, with their kids Wyatt and Ava, are on the adventure of a lifetime as Dan runs from their home town of Emerald to the Wesley Hospital in Brisbane in time for Stroke Week.

On the road and talking from their white camper van nicknamed the Great White Chariot where she had pulled out the generator to make a cup of coffee, Tania said Dan planned to run into Taroom at 3pm yesterday.

"It's pretty good, we are halfway between Theodore and Taroom," Tania said.

"It is getting close to 400km by the afternoon."

Yesterday marked Dan's third day straight of running and Tania said he was feeling it in his legs.

"He got on his special roller thing to roll his leg muscles and that helps - it kneads his muscles," she said.

As Dan makes his way through the regional towns Tania said they had received a warm reception.

But the warmest has been from Wyatt and Ava.

As Dan comes running into view they excitedly squeal that "daddy is coming".

"The kids get quite excited, when we park they ask every five minutes, 'where's dad?'" Tania said with a laugh.

"They are loving it and could do it forever. The thing that we hear most is their laughing. They wake up asking, 'where are we going today mummy?'"

Today the Englund family stops for a rest day in Taroom to chat with locals and spread the word on stroke awareness.

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