LOVING IT: Kiwi Dave and his cousin Rihara believe Gemfest is all about community.
LOVING IT: Kiwi Dave and his cousin Rihara believe Gemfest is all about community. Taylor Battersby

Strong community spirit the key to festival

THEY say that things are different in the country compared to the city.

That's a saying that David "Kiwi Dave” Woller, one of the traders at this year's Gemfest in Anakie, certainly agrees with.

For Kiwi Dave, all someone has to do is take a look around Anakie and The Gemfields to see why people keep coming back.

"Look at it - peace and quiet, beautiful people, lovely facilities, they look after it,” Mr Woller said.

The New Zealand native - who currently lives in Victoria - has been making the trek up to Gemfest for the past four years.

"I come up every year and have a little dig and a play,” Mr Woller said.


There's lot of good gems here - it's a beautiful place. I shop here (and) I buy stock for other markets.”

This year, Mr Woller brought his friend and cousin Rihara along to Gemfest.

Anakie is the furtherest away Rihara has ever travelled from Victoria.

"I think Anakie's beautiful. The people are great, I love the facilities - they're really comfortable,” Rihara said.

"I can't put anything against it. The weather's fine - I'm really enjoying it.”

Rihara believed it was the community spirit that brings people back to Gemfest every year.

"I think it's always the people - you get the families and their spirit. There's a very strong community spirit throughout which underlines everything that's done,” he said.

"It's more at the forefront of everything that's done, rather than the sale - that connection.

"I've been able to exchange some of my raw material for a diamond grinding wheel which I needed.”

Rihara said he and Mr Woller be back next year and already have their site booked.

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