Derek Boyer lifting a ute to raise funds for McHappy Day on Saturday.
Derek Boyer lifting a ute to raise funds for McHappy Day on Saturday. John Gass

Strongman helps raise ute, funds

IT IS not every day that somebody lifts a car full of people in a family restaurant's car park.

On Saturday self-described "strongman" Derek Boyer lifted a Mazda ute filled with Meter Maids to raise money as part of McHappy Day.

"The load on the tow ball was around 1.5 tons.

Yesterday was by far the biggest weights I have ever lifted," Mr Boyer said.

"The reason I was involved was that Ronald McDonald House works with kids with very serious health issues.

"You can't find a better cause than that."

And after the lift Mr Boyer went to Robina to do another heavy lift.

John Davis, the franchisee of three stores in Tweed Shire, said "It was an outstanding day for us," Mr Davis said.

"The strongman was a real highlight of the morning.

"Between the three stores we raised about $10,000."

The 42-year-old strongman yesterday told the Daily News he had no aches or pains after the big lifts.

"It's almost like I could do the same thing over again if I had to," Mr Boyer said.

"This is my profession and my motto is Forever Strong.

"I don't believe in retirement. I plan to downgrade my involvement."

Derek Boyer has the Australia's Strongest Man title for 15 years.

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