Jenny Glasby shapes up to take on War in her grandson’s TV pilot.
Jenny Glasby shapes up to take on War in her grandson’s TV pilot. Blainey Woodham

Students' brainwave bound for TV

A CONCEPT that started in a high school biology class could be about to make its way onto Australian television screens.

Five years ago former Mount Saint Patrick College students Lachlan Glasby and Michael Vlismas had an idea to produce a television show about the four horsemen of the apocalypse.

Not the inevitable death and destruction of the end of the world, but a quirky look at what the four (Conquest, War, Starvation and Death) do to keep themselves busy in the mean time.

“I think we just thought it would be funny to see what would happen if the four had to wait around,” Mr Glasby said.

“We liked the idea of a dysfunctional family.”

Of course the family is not modelled on his own, members of whom he recruited into the cast of his Horseman's of the Apocalypse.

Mr Glasby's grandmother Jenny Glasby, who is president of the Murwillumbah Show Society, acted out a fight scene filmed at the Murwillum- bah Showgrounds yesterday morning.

“She's dressed as a nun and fights Mick (Vlismas), who plays the character of War Horseman,” Mr Glasby said.

“It's an old-style fight scene Sherlock Holmes-style meets Fight Club, where she unleashes some serious fury.”

In the pilot episode War, a drunken, out-of-work soldier, comes to live with Conquest, his straight, professional brother.

“The first episode is called House Warming – with an emphasis on war. He throws himself a huge party and invites St Mich-ael, Satan and Jesus,” Mr Glasby said.

The characters are all darkly humorous, with Starvation doing nothing but eat and Death a punk female who works at a nursing home.The pair are self-confessed fans of The Mighty Boosh and describe the filming style as an amusing mix of Arrested Development meets Scrubs. Charles Bringcat is filming.

The concept has received interest from SBS and the pilot will be completed in April.

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