Robyn Moore with the Emerald State School Prep to Year 3 students.
Robyn Moore with the Emerald State School Prep to Year 3 students. Rebekah Polley

Students taught to live with love

“YOU are extraordinary”, was the message of one recent visitor to Emerald State School.

Robyn Moore was in Emerald last week and spoke to students to empower them to live an extraordinary life.

She encouraged students to go home and tell their families, especially their parents, how much they loved them, explaining that telling someone how much they meant to you was the best medicine.

The voice of children’s cartoon Blinky Bill did impersonations for the students and talked about the four thieves - waiting, hard, anger and mean - that could steal their laughter.

“It’s a two-way street, they inspire me and I them,” she said. “I get a lot of purity and clarity from young people who haven’t got years of plaque behind them.”

Robyn also talked with the staff at the school and members of the community at a session at the Maraboon Tavern on Monday night.

The former teacher now travels Australia reaching almost 50,000 people per year with her speaking engagements.

As a patron of the Make a Wish Foundation, Robyn said she used comedy and storytelling to open up her audience of primary aged children.

“Live with urgency in case of emergency,” she said to encourage those affected by the floods after her experience with the Make a Wish Foundation. “I’ve been doing a lot of restoration work in communities with disasters and been looking at ways to be bigger than the circumstance. Experience more contentment, get your relationships back on track and fall in love with your job again.”

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