Glendyne teacher Mark Macrae (left) and principal Dale Hansen inspect one of the mauled sheep at the school.
Glendyne teacher Mark Macrae (left) and principal Dale Hansen inspect one of the mauled sheep at the school. Nat Bromhead

Students watch as sheep mauled

STUDENTS watched on in horror as eight bloody sheep endured a horrible death at a Fraser Coast school on Tuesday morning.

Two dogs were mauling the sheep in a field at Glendyne Education and Training Centre at Nikenbah as teachers arrived about 6am.

The gory scene left school principal Dale Hansen furious and calling for tougher action against the dog owners.

“It’s just ridiculous this is allowed to go on,” Mr Hansen said. “What’s the punishment going to be?”

Comparing the ugly attack to a crime, Mr Hansen called for commonsense to prevail and the dogs’ owners to be held accountable.

One of the dogs was wearing a tag while the other will be checked for a microchip by council officers.

“We will now look at destruction orders on the dogs and see if we can contact the owners,” said Andy Gaze, the Fraser Coast council’s executive manager of environment, health and regulation.

Mr Hansen and agriculture teacher Mark Macrae were devastated after catching the dogs in the act and tying them up.

“The dogs have got to be destroyed; there’s no other way,” Mr Macrae said.

Lambing season had been eagerly anticipated, making the situation even more emotional for the students who treated the sheep as pets.

“We were expecting lambs in August/September,” Mr Macrae said. “I’d say all of them may have been pregnant.”

Mr Hansen said the school could not afford more sheep; another flock had been mauled by dogs two years ago.

The dogs entered the yard from under a wire fence on school grounds and set upon the ram and seven sheep.

A veterinarian was called to euthanase the injured animals which had been donated by a NSW farming family five weeks earlier.

The council officers were quick to the scene, locking up the domestic dogs in the back of their car and taking them to the pound.

Mr Gaze said he understood the emotional reaction from students, teachers and Mr Hansen but when it came to destroying the dogs he could not guarantee anything.

“It’s disturbing; it’s a shame the owners do not look after the dogs ... This can’t happen.”

He said destruction of dogs was a legal matter and the owners had a right to appeal.

Mr Hansen and Mr Macrae are far from satisfied.

“It’s not good enough and council’s got to be taken to task,” Mr Macrae said.

“He couldn’t give me a guarantee and that’s not good enough,” Mr Hansen added.

“I just had a girl come over and ask me where’s Rambo and Rambo’s now gone.”


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