BEFORE THE BIG SWING: Pre-poll voting in Noosa had the LNP’s Glen Elmes in a happier mood.
BEFORE THE BIG SWING: Pre-poll voting in Noosa had the LNP’s Glen Elmes in a happier mood. John Mccutcheon

Stunned Elmes says the LNP will have to change

THE LNP as a party would have to change the way it conducted itself, whether in government or opposition, the parliamentary wing, returning Member for Noosa Glen Elmes said last night.

Mr Elmes retained his seat despite a 16.5% swing against him, as Queenslanders turned against the LNP.

"The state-wide correction is unbelievable," he said.

"I must admit I've been locked in a room writing booth figures and having glances at the TV that send me back to the booth figures.

"The message is obviously that we haven't sold our reform package as well as we should have re asset leasing.

"And the way the government has looked sometimes hasn't gone down well.

"At the moment they are calling 39 to us and 40 to the ALP.

"I just hope we are not headed for a Queensland government like the federal senate. The instability would be tragic.

"Whatever anyone says, we are not lying. This state is heading for an $80 billion debt."

Did you expect such a massive statewide swing against the LNP?

This poll ended on 01 February 2016.

Current Results

No. I thought things would stay roughly the same.


No. I thought they'd lose seats but nothing like this.


Yes. There was always going to be a correction.


Yes. The LNP had to go.


This is not a scientific poll. The results reflect only the opinions of those who chose to participate.

Mr Elmes said the LNP would lose an enormous number of members and the result would leave many seats undecided for some time.

"We've learnt a sharp lesson," he said. "I really hope we are in a position to go back into government. We will need to change the way we present ourselves. The party simply has to."

Labor's Noosa candidate, Mark Denham, recognised the portents of the looming electric shock delivered to the Newman Government yesterday as he made his way around the northern Sunshine Coast electorate.

"Voters were steering away from LNP booths," he said. "It was very noticeable.

"The LNP are not preferencing. They need to get 50% (of the vote)."

In contrast, Mr Denham and Labor candidates across the region unfurled bunting urging voters to number every square.


Two party preferred: Glen Elmes (LNP) 56.9%, Mark Denham (Labor) 43.10%

Primary vote: Glen Elmes (LNP) 42.5%; Mark Denham (Labor) 22.36%; Joe Shlegeris (Greens) 24.92%; Ian Woods (PUP) 10.22%

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