Achieving beautiful brows has never been easier thanks to new advances in beauty treatments.
Achieving beautiful brows has never been easier thanks to new advances in beauty treatments. ipag

STYLEwise: High brow moment

IT'S NOT every day a beauty therapist gets to train with one of America's very best and Ardell's international guest Jadene Munson was that rare opportunity.

Jadene personally services some of the world's most recognisable celebrities and many of the most reputable and top brands in the fashion industry.

With 100k followers and a reputation as one of the world's top artist specialising in brows you can understand walking into her class make-up free was a little daunting.

The very quiet gently spoken genius then explained that our clean faces made it quicker to prepare for the new techniques for customising brow shape and thickness according to the client's wishes.

Ardell's International brow expert Jadene Munson.
Ardell's International brow expert Jadene Munson.

I attended the class with Melinder, head teacher at Trendz Beauty & Training in Coffs Harbour where I teach Tuesdays and Wednesdays. We headed up to the Gold Coast early. I was excited to have a training partner like Melinder and be the recipient of a new look for my very thin eyebrows, an 80's hangover I never recovered from.

I had no idea how amazing this training would be. After an extensive consultation to learn exactly what the client is looking for as far as shape and colour go, we received our training kit containing everything from semi-permanent colours to a pre-measured mixture. It was then applied using feather-like strokes to fill in gaps or create a bolder brow. To top it off we applied brow extensions (real hairs to fill in the gaps) to create a natural look..

I don't know about you but when you see well defined brows they just draw you in because they frame the face and highlight the eyes.

This is a professional only service and after our training I can understand why.

You really need to know what you are doing and when you master this I believe it will take brow shaping to the next level.

You can have a brow wax and tint but this semi-permanent tint has been on my eyebrows for a week and hasn't moved. My aim is to see if their recommendation of lasting two weeks will happen but ladies if you have any issues with your brows and would like to see them thicker or more defined this is it.

Mine have not faded in more than a week and I am happy not to have to apply product every morning to them. I believe my new brows will still be there next week.

It is recommended to have it professionally removed and a new service done so they always look their best but I think mine will still look amazing until the end. That means no fading at all. Can you tell I'm in love?

This treatment will also help ladies that have gaps in their brows. Your beauty therapist can customise it suit your situation.

This training was challenging but if I am going to teach we have to take our skills to the next level. How cool is Trendz Beauty & Training to bring up-to-the-minute techniques to their students. Same goes for the trainers.

See you next week when we look at autumn trends.

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