Sunny days hint at spring

WE MAY not all appreciate the changeable weather pattern we are having, but at the time of writing, it's just magic.

You can certainly count on your garden to remind you it's coming into spring - pansies showing their pretty faces, nasturtiums and walking irises, begonias and NG impatiens all making lovely splashes of colour for us to enjoy and appreciate.

Speaking of begonias and impatiens, this is the ideal time to cut those constantly flowering beauties back, and provide a good feed of your favourite plant food to all of them.

We're really so fortunate to have such a broad choice of fertilisers, which shows what an alive garden industry we have.

A new fertiliser you may like to try is the new Yates Uplift: an organic liquid concentrate that is ideal for the whole garden.

This complete garden fertiliser has five beneficial ingredients, with something to suit whatever plants you use it on, starting with fish - a natural source of organic nutrients, seaweed for root development, Bio-Active to unlock and release nutrients to the plants, fulvic acid to improve that nutrient uptake, and a natural wetting agent to ensure it is not washed off so it will reach the plant roots.

It's good for all containerised plants, those in garden beds, large shrubs and trees as well as established lawns.

For all new planting, transplanting and new lawns, use Yates Uplift Plant Starter & Root Booster until established, and when the plants start to grow, continue with Uplift.

Then stand back and enjoy the wonderful results.


New petunias

This is certainly the time to spread the good news, and the new Tumbelina Petunias will surely put a smile on the face of everyone who grows them.

Cherry Ripples is the perfect name for these colourful, double red and white, trailing petunias that will make a wonderful splash in your garden right through the warm months.

They have a gentle trailing habit making them ideal for hanging baskets and patio containers, while the ruffled, scented blooms will really make your day.

Just a passing thought, but can you imagine what a beautiful display these would make for anyone planting them in a sunny windowbox or trailing down a rocky slope.


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