Boy wrecks car impressing girl

THIS wreck is the result of a boy trying to impress a girl.

The young buck thought he would win the girl's heart when he drove a Nissan X-trail onto Shelly Beach on Saturday night.

It's doubtful she was impressed after the four-wheel-drive became bogged in the sand and they had to make a hasty escape in the dark from the two-metre waves slamming Coast beaches at the moment.

About 10 of the man's mates were on the beach yesterday morning laughing as they watched his car rolling in the surf, becoming increasingly dented by the washing-machine effect.

“One of his mates told me he's at home sleeping it off and wishing it was a dream,” one witness said.

“They were saying he was an idiot and laughing about it.

“Apparently they had been at a party nearby all night and he was trying to impress a girl.”

The witness told the Daily there were other bystanders wondering whether the car was the first sign of debris from the Toowoomba and Brisbane floods washing up on our beaches.

“‘Surely it couldn't have washed down from Brisbane already' they were saying,” the witness said.

With so many people heading to the beach to stickybeak at the two-metre surf, there were plenty of people who saw the bogged four-wheel-drive towed from the beach about 10am.

No charges had been laid last night and police did not believe there were any suspicious circumstances.

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