Sunshine Coast's spooky fog to lift, heat to stay

A FOG has enveloped the Sunshine Coast reducing visibility to 700 metres.

The conditions are caused by a high level of moisture in the air and almost no wind.

Weather meteorologist  Rob Sharpe said humidity on the Coast at 8am was sitting around 94% at 27 degrees.

"We can expect the fog to clear within the hour," he said.

"It is similar to the sea fog which Gold Coast experienced a few weeks ago."

Mr Sharpe said the Coast could expect clear skies until lunch time.

"There is a high chance that inland areas will  receive showers in the afternoon and there is a possibility of a thunderstorm," he said.

"Inland areas might get showers earlier."

Mr Sharpe said weather conditions across South East Queensland were relatively the same.

"In most coastal areas it is pretty warm, humid and there is a chance of an afternoon."

Flights to the Sunshine Coast have not been affected.

It is expected to top 33 degrees in Maroochydore, Buderim and Nambour today.

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