Aleeah Boase, 3, who was attacked by a dog in Tannum Sands.
Aleeah Boase, 3, who was attacked by a dog in Tannum Sands. Brenda Strong GLADOGG

Girl mauled, dog faces death row

A THREE-year-old Tannum Sands girl has had to undergo facial surgery after being bitten by a border collie on Sunday.

The 12-year-old dog bit the girl on the left side of her face.

Constable Scott Sloan said that the victim was transferred to Rockhampton, where she had surgery to repair her lip and cheek.

He said that the girl and her older brother, 7, were playing in the front yard of their home when the unrestrained dog approached.

The owner of the border collie was following about 10 metres behind.

The seven-year-old began to pat the dog, and when his sister followed suit, giving it a hug, she was bitten.

Constable Sloan said it was quite unusual for border collies to behave in this manner.

He referred to the breed as generally "very timid".

He added that the details of the dog's owner had been passed on to council, who would investigate the matter further.

Council was unable to provide any comment while the investigation was pending.

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