ART: Traci Lietzke of Printbank Mackay at the group's current exhibit at the Julbilee Community Centre.
ART: Traci Lietzke of Printbank Mackay at the group's current exhibit at the Julbilee Community Centre. Lucy Martin

Surprise exhibit is about to disappear

IT APPEARED out of the blue and it's about to disappear.

Printbank Mackay took advantage of bare walls in the Jubilee Community Centre, the former site of the Mackay Regional Library, to display a collection of prints. Now there's only one week left to view the 30 artworks made by local artists.

The works, collected over a number of years, are a selection from Printbank Mackay's annual print swap.

Traci Lietzke, from Printbank, said members had the opportunity annually to take part in a "swap”.

With a set theme, artists are asked to design a print and produce enough copies so everyone taking part is given one.

"There's usually 13 to 14 people involved,” she said

A spare copy is then placed in a book and archived.

It's these archived copies which are now on display for the public to see.

Some are also from Ms Lietzke's personal collection.

She became involved with the group in 2011 after attending a TAFE course in graphic design.

Printmaker, Brigitte Zimmermann asked her if she was interested in joining a group called Printbank.

This year's print swap will be a bit different. The exchange will be international.

"We are sending the prints to Taiwan,” Ms Lietzke said.

"They will go on exhibit there.”

It's not the only plan in the works for the printmakers.

Printbank will be taking part in a "Paste up” - members will design posters and adhere them to the walls of Mackay's Fifth Lane.

Fifth Lane, which runs between Wood and Gregory streets, will be revitalised by a team of 14 local artists, including Jodie Connolly, Marissa Moore and Nichole Zahra.

Ms Zahra will be lead a team of 11 artists from Printbank Mackay.

The posters will be of different sizes and will be placed as a semi-permanent installation.

Ms Lietzke said with the help of a special vinyl it was hoped the posters would last for years.

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