Isaac Region Mayor Cedric Marshall.
Isaac Region Mayor Cedric Marshall.

Town screaming for families

MORANBAH residents are more supportive of integrating non-resident workers into the community compared to having workers’ camps, a study has shown.

A month-long community consultation process under the Isaac Regional Council’s Adaptive Communities initiative has revealed 67% of voters registered a preference for some form of integration.

Mayor Cedric Marshall says the survey results show an outcome that “really screams families and growth” in the Isaac region.

“It is a commonsense outcome,” he said.

“It encourages more growth, more families and better infrastructure for our towns.”

Residents and interested parties were asked to consider six concepts for accommodating non-resident workers, of which integration was the most preferred.

The participation level from a wide cross-section of the community was encouraging, Mr Marshall said, especially through processes beyond the initial survey stage.

“People from all ages, backgrounds and professions engaged in the process while there was a good representation from both genders,” he said. “What is abundantly clear from all the comments are just how much our residents care about their communities.

“Clearly, we have some very passionate people who want to see the best for their community.”

The issues raised will form the basis of the discussion table stage to which representatives from the State Government and industry will be invited to attend.

“The conversation has only just begun and we will need all parties to work closely together on this issue,” Mr Marshall said.

“It marks the beginning of a hard decision at all levels of community, State and Federal government, and industry.

“We now have the blueprint. We have had the hard discussion and it is time now for action and decisions.

“The community has stated their preferred option – they want a family focus and integrated communities.”

The message from the State Government was to bring ideas and solutions to the table, Mr Marshall said, and what was needed now was a thorough understanding of the advantages and disadvantages of integration.

“With that in mind, our way forward is clear. We now need to clearly understand what those hurdles may be and bring a raft of solutions to the table,” he said. “There can be no room for whinging.”

The findings of the Adaptive Communities program will be presented on the IRC website and on public display at the Moranbah Shopping Fair.

“There can be no room for whinging.”


Mayor Cedric Marshall

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