Survey sniffs out top smells

IT MUST be the Sunshine State, with one-in-ten Queenslanders surveyed in an Ambi Pur Scent-sus recently declaring sunscreen as their favourite smell.

When asked to pick the scent that best sums up our nation, most chose eucalyptus over Vegemite or sizzling snags.

As for Gladstone noses, young residents had a few favourite scents in common.

Maddie Wellington and Phoebbie O'Brien both listed Subway among their favourite smells, with Maddie saying that the franchise's sandwiches smelt "yummy and fresh".

Food was a common theme for favourite smells.

Nick McEvier said the smell of Pringles was his favourite, while Bryton Schulz said, "Lime, I like the taste and it's different on the tongue".

As for those scents that make people wrinkle their nose, the overwhelming results were rubbish and smoke.

Liam Schulz said while fresh apples "taste nice and smell good", garbage "smells yuck and has smelly stuff in it".

Sky Hitton said spearmint was "scentsational", but "burning rubber can stink out a whole room".

Travers Hill listed lavender as a smell that was fresh and clean, unlike sewage.

Patrick Wilson also listed sewage as pong-worthy, while Holly Jefferies said she couldn't stand the stink of "dirty clothes that are yuck and sweaty".

Smoke was not on the list of favourable scents for Ethan Crawford or Jannah Lang, with the latter saying the reason he disliked the smell was because, "I can't hold my breath for that long".

Other favourites were fresh coffee, fresh bread and roses.

Surprisingly, nobody mentioned the smell of a particular perfume or cologne, despite the Ambi-pur survey revealing that scents can stir powerful emotions and evoke memories.

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