Australian Survivor contestant Rohan MacLaren.
Australian Survivor contestant Rohan MacLaren. Nigel Wright

Survivor blunder costs Rohan his spot in the game

HE COMMITTED the biggest blunder of the series so far, but Australian Survivor's latest evictee Rohan MacLaren said he was happy to sacrifice himself for a friend.

In a strategic vote gone wrong at tonight's Tribal Council, the 28-year-old model was sent packing after former Aganoa tribe mates Kat and Kristie flipped on him.

Their two votes were enough to eliminate him after the original Vavau tribe members all voted as a block for Phoebe, who played the immunity idol Rohan gave her.

"I was true to my morals. If I say I'm going to do something in real life then I do it," Rohan told APN.

"The person who I cared about on the island (Phoebe) needed my help and I went down helping her. I feel like I can hold my head high and leave the game with integrity."

He believes Vavau will now struggle to win challenges without many strong men on the team.

"Objectively, me getting eliminated was a bit of a mistake," he said.

Sam Webb, Rohan MacLaren, Matt Tarrant and Conner Bethune compete in a challenge in a scene from Australian Survivor.
Sam Webb, Rohan MacLaren, Matt Tarrant and Conner Bethune compete in a challenge in a scene from Australian Survivor. Nigel Wright


"They don't have much strength left and Saanapu is a bit of a powerhouse at the moment."

The Melbourne native could be forgiven for accidentally confirming to Sue that he had an immunity idol, considering he didn't know much about Survivor before applying for Ten's new version of the reality show.

"I'm not a big watcher of TV. I went on the show because my mum is a big fan," he said.

"She called me up a few days before applications closed to say my father had applied and she thought I should."

The physical rigours of the show didn't phase the well-traveled university graduate, who has been to 36 countries and put his modelling career on hold for three years to be the Australian representative of the Rwanda Development Board.

"When I first went to Milan Fashion Week I was eating the same calorie content. I'd already done Survivor," he laughed.

"I slept outside in Indonesia and Rwanda, so I'm used to that sort of stuff. I'm always traveling, so mentally I was fine not having friends and family around."

 He tips Canberra law student Conner Bethune as the show's potential dark horse.

 "I remember coming into Vavau and having a chat with him and seeing a lot of similarities between him and me," he said.

"We had cool conversations, and I felt like his life story of his family going through poverty and losing their house and then him going on to study law shows he's a self-starter. He's a very likeable guy. He's the person I hope wins."

Australian Survivor continues tomorrow at 7.30pm on Channel 10.

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