Australian Survivor contestant Phoebe Timmins.
Australian Survivor contestant Phoebe Timmins. Nigel Wright

Survivor's master manipulator gets out-maneuvered

MASTER manipulator Phoebe Timmins finally ran out of moves on Australian Survivor.

The 27-year-old was eliminated from the reality show last night after attempting to oust her original Aganoa tribe mate Kristie Bennet from the dwindling Vavau tribe, which faced its fifth straight Tribal Council meeting.

"I was playing a really big game. I was playing really hard and I definitely had it coming," Ms Timmins told APN.

"It was really difficult to recover from that twist at the last Tribal Council. It was the second time in the game where I'd just thrown an ally under the bus and then we didn't vote them out. It was a bit of a bummer but that's the way the game goes. You've got to adapt and unfortunately I didn't manage to get out of this one."

Joining Vavau after Aganoa was disbanded, Ms Timmins managed to avoid elimination twice using immunity idols. The second came as a particular shock as eliminated Vavau member Craig had been secretly searching for the coveted prize with no luck.

Australian Survivor contestant Phoebe Timmins, pictured far right, after playing her hidden immunity idol at Tribal Council.
Australian Survivor contestant Phoebe Timmins, pictured far right, after playing her hidden immunity idol at Tribal Council. Nigel Wright

With the show's two tribes to be dissolved on Sunday night, Ms Timmins hopes the three remaining Vavau members can turn their luck around.

"For Conner it's going to be tricky because they (the Saanapu tribe) have already voted him out once," she said.

"Kristie might be able to team up with El and Lee. I'm hoping my Aganoans go really well."

Since leaving the show Ms Timmins, a criminal lawyer, has moved back to Australia from London.

"I came over (to Australia) for a wedding when I found out I'd got on (the show)," she said.

"I quit my job over the phone. After the game I flew to London, packed up my life and moved back to Australia."

She isn't sure if she'll get back into the legal profession.

"It's been a really big year for me, so I've had a bit of a breather," she said.

"I'm doing a lot of self reflection at the moment and I'm not sure how I want to write the next chapter."

Australian Survivor continues on Sunday at 7.30pm on Channel 10.

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