Katrina Lee is holding a special chocolate event on Friday at Lee Bonbons at the Old Flour Mill.
Katrina Lee is holding a special chocolate event on Friday at Lee Bonbons at the Old Flour Mill. Claudia Baxter

Sweet event for chocoholics

IPSWICH chocolate lovers are coming out of the woodwork for chocoholic meetings.

Self-confessed chocolate addict Katrina Lee, owner of Lee Bonbons, said the indulgent monthly events had proved popular with women and couples.

"I am a huge chocoholic, and people looking to spend some quality time together join me for the meetings," Ms Lee said.

"I deliberately called the event a 'meeting' giving women an excuse to make time for themselves and indulge."

Ms Lee said she came up with the idea after realising many people loved chocolate, but few knew much about it.

"At the meetings I explain the good and bad ingredients in different chocolates, what are the best brands and what goes with certain types of chocolate."

"I also bring samples of chocolate and chocolate products so everyone can taste test."

"I stock chocolate pasta and other speciality lines so we look at them, and also out of the ordinary uses such as chocolate body scrub."

The upcoming chocoholics meeting this Friday, will also include chocolate gift ideas for the festive season.

"With Christmas coming up, we'll also look at how to make chocolate treats, from basic moulds to chocolate-dipped, rum-soaked Christmas puddings."

In true chocolate addict style, Ms Lee insisted that "chocolate is healthy ... in moderation!"

Chocoholics is held in Ms Lee's Old Flour Mill shop and attendance costs $10.

Call Katrina on 0432 045 581 to book.



  • People consume 5.44kgs of chocolate per capita each year (Info Barrel);
  • White chocolate contains cocoa butter but no cocoa solids, which gives milk and dark chocolate a brown colour.
  • Cheaper chocolate is made by cutting down on cocoa solid content and swapping cocoa butter with other fat.

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