Blair and Paul cooking at Sydney's Central Station.
Blair and Paul cooking at Sydney's Central Station. Channel 7

Sydney commuters vote GC surfers MKR's best brekky chefs

TABLE talk was replaced with high-stress cooking on My Kitchen Rules tonight, with all 12 teams competing in their first group challenge.

The surviving teams from the instant restaurant rounds were taken out of the comfort of their own homes and put into the fire, having to cook up breakfast for hungry and busy commuters at Sydney's busy Central Train Station.

It was the first chance to see all of the teams compete "shoulder to shoulder, toe to toe" as Manu Feildel put it.

Annie and Jason were the first to arrive at Central Station, but their quesadillas weren't good enough to beat Gold Coast teachers Paul and Blair's cheesy bacon and egg pies.

Country couple Annie and Jason serving up brekky in the heart of Sydney.
Country couple Annie and Jason serving up brekky in the heart of Sydney.

The surfer mates seem cool under pressure, joking around with the other teams. They were right to be confident, with their twist on the classic Aussie pie voted people's choice.

The nice guys even donated some of their ricotta cheese to struggling couple Deb and Rick, whose ricotta and potato bake lacked visual appeal.

The rivalry between Greek twins Helena and Vikki and Perth "know it alls" Chloe and Kelly was back on, with the girls exchanging a few quips across the benches.

"Hapless" Harry and Christo continued to struggle, getting to the station late and burning a batch of their gourmet toasties.

Judge Pete Evans took the Melbourne boys to task for playing it safe.

"This is a cooking competition. We expect you guys to put yourselves out there," Evans said.

"Luckily for you your toasties were delicious, but did I see the best of your cooking abilities today? I want to be wowed."

In contrast South Australian mums Bree and Jessica were praised for taking a big risk with their Asian congee dish.

"I think it was a really ballsy choice and it works for me," Feildel said.

"It was so flavoursome, like every single mouthful was yum."

In the battle of the perfectly cooked 60 degree eggs, Uel and Shannelle's strange spice combination and their overcooked salmon let them down compared to Geelong food scientists Josh and Danielle.

The Sydney newlyweds could not capitalize on their hometown advantage and will face the chop in the season's first sudden death challenge.

Tomorrow's first Food Truck challenge will determine who will face off against Uel and Shannelle in Kitchen HQ.

Uel and Shanelle are up for possible elimination in the first sudden death challenge.
Uel and Shanelle are up for possible elimination in the first sudden death challenge.

First group challenge: Central Train Station breakfast

Harry and Christo - Trio of gourmet toasties

Paul and Blair - Cheesy bacon and egg pie with rocket salad

Bree and Jessica - Congee with Chinese sausage and eggs

Thalia and Bianca - Savoury pancakes with caramelized onions and chutney

Carly and Tresne - Pear and raspberry friend with baked pear

Annie and Jason - Chorizo and goat's cheese quesadillas with guacamole

Chloe and Kelly - Mediterranean baked eggs with crusty bread and feta whip

Helena and Vikki - Breakfast lamb Gozleme with Tzatziki

Deb and Rick - Ricotta and potato bake with crispy bacon and relish

Uel and Shanelle - Poached salmon with 60/60 eggs, rice and spices

Josh and Danielle - 62 Degree eggs with bacon jam and asparagus

Cathy and Anna - Moist banana bread with caramelized banana and honey ricotta

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