Sharna Grice with her son Oliver, who is the same age as the Chinese girl killed in the truck accident.
Sharna Grice with her son Oliver, who is the same age as the Chinese girl killed in the truck accident. Nicholas Falconer

Sympathy for family in China

AFTER hearing about the tragic death of Chinese toddler Yue Yue, Sharna Grice was spurred into action - but she didn't realise just how generous the Coast response would be.

Yue Yue was run over by two trucks in China, an event witnessed by 18 people nearby who did not go to her aid.

The Daily reported last week Mrs Grice's plan to lodge a petition with the government, requesting their help to get about 1700 messages of support from a Facebook memorial site to the family of Yue Yue.

Mrs Grice said she originally hoped to collect about 100 signatures for the petition.

"I'm close to 600 (signatures now)," Mrs Grice said.

"I did it the old-fashioned way and pounded the pavement."

She said it would have been much easier to lodge an online petition, but the House of Representatives in Australia will only recognise hard copy signatures.

Mrs Grice was full of praise for her main helpers, husband Andrew, friend Ella Cummings and co-worker Rachel Lee.

Mrs Grice was also surprised and thrilled when a complete stranger, Jaymee Broad, called to offer her help to collect signatures too.

Mrs Grice said Fairfax MP Alex Somlyay would present the petition to the House of Representatives on her behalf.

The next step will be to translate all the messages of support on the Facebook memorial site, to be collated into a book, along with contributed drawings.

"Its amazing what you can do and achieve with a little determination and passion," she said.

Mrs Grice said she has been in contact with Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd's office, which is helping to translate the messages to Yue Yue's family and will help Mrs Grice make a trip to China before Christmas to deliver the book.

"Its really going to be a beautiful gift for the family," she said.

"It's going to be a nice full stop to the story."

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