Recycled household items can be used to build a scarecrow with the kids.
Recycled household items can be used to build a scarecrow with the kids. emholk

Take the fun outside during summer break

With school holidays under way, it's the perfect time to get your little ones outdoors and away from their screens.

1. Make your own backyard games

There's a tonne of backyard games you can make at home using everyday household items. Have you ever played croquet? Make some hoops out of wire coat hangers, push them into the lawn and try to hit a tennis ball along the ground through the hoops with a bat of some kind.

2. Host a scavenger hunt

Get your kids outside and exploring the garden with their own scavenger hunt. They're easy to create and can be tailored to any theme, age or location.

3. Create your own mini terrarium

Do your kids have small toy cars, dinosaurs or fairies that are neglected? Give them a new life by crafting a mini- terrarium for them to live in. You can use an old fish bowl, vase or a large glass.

4. Make a friendly scarecrow

Build your own friendly scarecrow using recycled household items. Use old pillowcases, clothes the kids have grown out of or broken buckets, brooms or mops.

Low impact collision, Gindie

Low impact collision, Gindie

A low impact collision has occurred in the Gindie area.

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Budget disappoints MP

Millar says it's 'full of political spin'.

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Pouring money into fuel pumps

Highest prices in Central Queensland.