Sophie belting out Kelly Clarkson's Beautiful Disaster at the blind auditions.
Sophie belting out Kelly Clarkson's Beautiful Disaster at the blind auditions.

Emerald's Sophie Phillis rocks The Voice blind auditions.

"THAT voice needs to be heard all over the world."

Those were the words spoken by The Voice judge Ricky Martin when local star Sophie Phillis stood before him on the audition stage.

All eyes were on the screen on Monday night as the 26-year-old mother and nurse from Emerald belted out her spectacular rendition of Kelly Clarkson's Beautiful Disaster.

Delta was the first to turn, followed by Ricky Martin and finally Seal - with Joel Madden missing out.

But Sophie, who chose to be on Team Delta, said she was just happy that somebody turned around for her.

"It was so nerve-racking, you walk out and it was complete silence, there is so much suspense," Sophie said.

"I think it is worse the chairs aren't facing you, you just see these four big chairs and you don't know if these people are turning around - it's really daunting.

"It was so hard to choose... I always had a soft spot for Delta but had to consider what each of them could provide from a professional perspective…

"They had such wonderful things to say, but Delta seemed very genuine.

"I just wanted one chair to turn - I was so grateful that Delta turned around first."

The local girl, who grew up on a property at Gindie and completed her schooling at St Patrick's School and Emerald Marist College, said she never gave up her dream.

"I've got a little snippet that my parents recorded of me singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star when I was about 22 months old... so I guess I've always loved to sing," Sophie said. "I think if you want it all you can have it all - you just have to do the work and prepare to fall and then get back up.

"You have got to be in it to win it, have to be passionate about what you want in life.

"I don't want to have any regrets later on."

Since Monday night, Sophie has been overwhelmed by the support from the Emerald community.

"My facebook exploded last night, I had over 500 messages and comments and hundreds of likes.

"I'm an Emerald girl and I love having my community behind me."

She said her parents, who travelled to the audition with her and two-year-old daughter, Georgie, have been supportive throughout her musical career.

"They are so proud, they have always believed it me - in anything and everything I want to do whether it be singing or nursing, even with the single parenthood."

Watch Sophie amaze the judges at The Voice blind auditions here.

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