POLICE: Call 000 before posting on social media.
POLICE: Call 000 before posting on social media. John McCutcheon

Talk to police not social media

BLACKWATER police are concerned by the number of people reporting and discussing crimes or suspicious activity within social media, however not alerting local police.

Recently suspicious people loitering near residences were reported within local groups on social media networking sites with several people making comment that they had observed these persons in the area. It is possible these persons had just committed an offence, were considering committing an offence or possibly had no ill intentions whatsoever.

By the time local police are advised of these incidents, the suspicious people may have left the area and may have committed several offences.

Additionally some social media posts may be inadvertently hampering police. Offenders also have access to social media accounts, and whilst the community is acting in good faith, discussions about the location of police activity, or the locations and descriptions of suspicious persons may give them a tip off them and prevent their apprehension.

Your local police are passionate about protecting the Blackwater Community and by being alerted to these types of incidents in a timely manner, we can be patrolling the right place at the right time and hopefully prevent offences before they occur.

Therefore if you see suspicious behaviour, before you post on social media please consider contacting your local police.

Remember to call 000:

If a crime is happening now.

When a life is threatened.

When the event is time critical, for example a fire.

For more information visit http://mypolice.qld.gov.au/rockhampton/2016/11/09/talk-police-not-facebook/

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