Grant and Brooke have divided House Rules viewers this year.
Grant and Brooke have divided House Rules viewers this year. Channel 7

Tassie 'devils' team eliminated on House Rules

BROOKE AND Grant's "best work yet" couldn't save them from elimination on House Rules last night.

Despite showing a bit of design confidence and earning the second highest score for their zone in this week's renovation of Bomber and Mel's Adelaide home, the reinvigorated Tasmanian couple couldn't get off the bottom of the overall leaderboard.

They were the first team to be eliminated from this year's season of the renovation show, which has grown in popularity and beaten Nine's ratings juggernaut The Voice on several occasions.

Grant said he was "humbled" by the experience and admitted some of his and Brooke's design choices in previous weeks were "a bit off".

"Sometimes the scores were really hard to take because every week you work really hard," Brooke told APN.

"We felt a bit lost in the middle. We did a really good job the first week and during the last week again we really got our act together.

"I'm really happy with what we put up the last week. It was good to leave knowing we did a good job."

The Huon Valley residents, who have seven children, caused a stir when they scored the other teams strategically low for the renovation of their 19th century farmhouse.

"We just did what we thought we needed to, to stay in the competition," Brooke said.

"We didn't know who did what zone, so it wasn't personally aimed at anyone. We thought we needed to score low for a chance to stay."

Bomber and Mel's new master bedroom designed by Adam and Lisa.
Bomber and Mel's new master bedroom designed by Adam and Lisa. Sue Stubbs

Brooke said while she and Grant have been watching the show with their children, they've stayed away from social media.

"People are very opinionated and judgmental and they don't even know us, so yeah we're just not partaking in it really," she said.

"It's different (watching ourselves on TV) but we are enjoying it and having a good laugh at it."

Enjoying the extra space in her "amazing" new house, Brooke had some simple advice for anyone thinking about undertaking their own home renovations.

"It's about planning," she said.

"Just be flexible and expect the unexpected."

Last night's episode also featured the tearful reveal of Bomber and Mel's 100-year-old Adelaide home, including rooms for their four children.

Victoria's Adam and Lisa continued their winning design and styling streak, while Townsville's Maddi and Lloyd had several "clangers" including their custom-made kitchen backsplash and undersized dining table.

House Rules continues tonight with the remaining five teams to be assigned an entire house each to renovate.



Round 1 final scores

Carole and Russell (WA): 107

Adam and Lisa (VIC): 105

Candy and Ryan (NSW): 103

Maddi and Lloyd (Qld): 101

Bomber and Mel (SA): 97

Brooke and Grant (TAS): 91

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Providing pathway for brighter future

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Sliding into successful re-opening

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Tireless effort rewarded

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