Thalia and Bianca were all smiles after serving up their entree during their instant restaurant in Hobart.
Thalia and Bianca were all smiles after serving up their entree during their instant restaurant in Hobart.

Tassie girls' triumph tops the My Kitchen Rules leader board

TASSIE university students Thalia and Bianca are the new young guns of My Kitchen Rules.

The best mates shot to the top of the leader board last night after narrowly averting disaster with their ambitious retro dessert.

In the kitchen there was screaming, hugging, tears - things you'd expect to see at a Justin Bieber concert - but it was just the unbridled excitement of the two 20-somethings.

There was extra pressure for Bianca at the start of the night with the pair cooking her grandmother's chicken liver pate recipe.

"You've blown my mind," said Manu Feildel.

 "If your Grandma was here right now I would give her a kiss on both cheeks."

The dish would later be declared perfect by the judges, with the girls earning the first perfect scores of 10 in the second round of instant restaurants.

Thalia and Bianca react to their perfect scores.
Thalia and Bianca react to their perfect scores.

But Thalia and Bianca got a bit carried away with the positive feedback from their entrée, with Bianca nearly forgetting to season their salmon before wrapping it in baking paper.

Melbourne mates Harry and Christo got a bit defensive over the girls when David, still stinging from his and Corinne's score of 46, started criticising the menu.

After spending all of their prep time working on their entrée, the girls left their guests waiting more than an hour for the main course.

"Girls you have to organise yourselves better," said Pete Evans.

"I was expecting to look at your plate and just go 'wow'. In saying that my fish was cooked beautifully… that little parcel was really nice."

The girls' time management got away from them entirely with their dessert, which they struggled to plate up fast enough to keep their ice cream from melting.

Despite David hoping their Bombe Alaska would "bomb", it turned out to be a better than average dish.

"It's definitely not the prettiest dish," Evans said.

"As far as the Bombe Alaska goes, the cake had beautiful chocolate tones with it but it was dry. I said it with the main course and I'll say it again, it was good but it didn't wow me."

Scoring 32 points more than Uel and Shanelle, the girls proved Gen Yers can cook and handle the stresses of the competition.

Tomorrow night, Melbourne mates Harry and Christo will host their instant restaurant.

The footage aired by Seven so far hints at a disaster in the kitchen, with a frazzled Harry breaking eggs and spilling ingredients.



Entrée: Grandma's brandy pate with homemade brioche and chutney

Main: Tasmanian salmon fish and chips

Dessert: Bombe Alaska

Score: 85/100

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