Tattoos... some love 'em... some hate 'em.
Tattoos... some love 'em... some hate 'em. Contributed

Tattoo protesters a bit thin-skinned

LAST week the unions were marching in Brisbane to celebrate Labour Day.

This week it's tattooed women marching in protest against Channel 7 after negative comments about women and tattoos by one of its presenters.

According to the celebrity, women with tattoos are a turn-off for men.

I find it amazing that every time someone makes a comment that others don't like, there is universal outrage via social media and some form of protest.

I don't have a tattoo, which is my choice. The rest of my family do, apart from the grandson.

I wasn't overly excited about any of them getting tattoos but these days it doesn't bother me.

When I first worked in hospitality it was common practise for employers to make staff cover up any tattoos but these days it has become more of a fashion statement.

I guess if I asked someone to cover up because their tattoo offended me they could very rightly ask me to put a bag over my head as it offends them.

I will say though, the whole outrage thing doesn't do much for me because I am sure that some folk wear the tattoos to be different, so they shouldn't get offended when someone points that out.

Belinda Feodoroff aka Bindy Bluebell.
Belinda Feodoroff aka Bindy Bluebell. Lee Constable

It's a bit like when one of my young blokes was growing up and he let his hair grow outrageously long.

I didn't like it but it was his hair. I did tell him not to come whining to me if he got teased.

Tattoos are a bit like a dress - some are better than others.

I see plenty of tattoos that I think are awful on both men and women, but I also see some that actually look good.

I guess it is art and, like a painting, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.


On a completely different note, the SS Dicky wreck removal is quite sad.

The cost of shifting it is something ratepayers can't afford but the argument is that we can't afford not to.

I am not a big fan of public liability but I suppose just the deterioration factor is an argument in itself.

When I first went there as a toddler, around 1959, there was still plenty of ship left.

I can remember how excited I used to be visiting my grandad at Kings Beach but the underlying story was going around the corner to the Dicky.

Maybe I'll get a tattoo to remember her by.

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