IN IT TOGETHER: Michael and Ben Ross raised over $2000 over Christmas to donate to CQ Pet Rescue and the Cancer Council.
IN IT TOGETHER: Michael and Ben Ross raised over $2000 over Christmas to donate to CQ Pet Rescue and the Cancer Council. Kristen Booth

Teaming up for charity

CHRISTMAS is meant to be a time of joy, but when tragedy hit, the Ross brothers put their best foot forward.

Avid scout Michael Ross was going for the Grey Wolf Award, "the highest award in Scouts”, which required a good deed for the community and a charity.

Entering the Christmas light competition, 11-year-old Michael thought that would be the perfect opportunity to collect donations for chosen charity CQ Pet Rescue who supplied their two pups, Trumby and Tank.

However, in November last year, brothers Michael and Ben ,9, lost their granddad to cancer. Despite the huge loss, the boys decided to continue to raise money for not only CQPR but Cancer Council, two charities close to their hearts.

"With the passing of my father so close to Christmas, none of us were in the seasonal mood so I was very proud of my boys wanting to not only raise money for CQ Pet Rescue but also for the Cancer Council in honour of their Pa,” their mum, Leanne Ross said.

"We weren't the only ones in the community to experience a loss so close to Christmas, the fact that Michael and Ben were thinking of others at this time for us made me exceptionally proud.”

Not only did their Dawn Crescent home take second place in the Christmas lights competition, but the boys - with the help of their friends - raised a huge $2105.80.

"As a family we set a goal to raise $250 and were incredibly thrilled when we reached that target in only three days,” Ms Ross said.

"Each new target set was exceeded almost every few days and that's due to the beautiful response from the local community.

"Christmas can be such a financially tight time, yet we had young children handing over their own pocket money.”

The family handed over $1050 to CQPR and adding $50 from their own pockets, the boys gave $1100 to Cancer Council.

CQ Pet Rescue's Susan Consedine said the funds they have raised will help vaccinate, microchip and desex two dogs, and get them ready for their new homes.

"We are always delighted when children in the community put effort into fundraising for CQPR,” she said.

Michael said "it felt really good”, knowing they had rescued two dogs, and was ecstatic to find out he would receive his Grey Wolf Award next month.

The brothers wanted to thank the members of the public who donated to their cause before Christmas.

"Thanks for giving us all the money for charity,” Ben said. "We just wanted to give back the money that helped us with the animals and Pa.”

CQ Pet Rescue is looking for a fundraising coordinator to join the CQPR management committee. Message CQ Pet Rescue on Facebook for more information, or email

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