MAKING THE LEAP: Goal defence Emma Paki intercepts the ball in her game against the Wolverines.
MAKING THE LEAP: Goal defence Emma Paki intercepts the ball in her game against the Wolverines. Matty Holdsworth

Central Queensland teams take to the court

THIRTY-SIX teams from nine netball associations across Central Queensland lunged onto the Emerald netball courts at the weekend for their annual junior carnival.

Aimed at giving western clubs a larger competition to play in, the carnival was a great success, with about 360 players and coaches in attendance, not to mention the travelling parents and supporters.

Emerald fielded 15 teams and welcomed girls from Longreach, Barcaldine, Biloela, Cap Coast, Rockhampton, Blackwater and, for the first time, Clermont and Roma.

The carnival catered for under-8s through to U17 and all age groups performed at a high level.

Emerald Netball Association's Debbie Hall said it was great to have the tournament played in such a friendly environment.

"The sportsmanship displayed was great and it always is," Hall said.

"It is competitive and can be really tough games but we try and promote a positive atmosphere and hopefully that continues. The kids really do h

ave a great time.

"It is the only carnival we run and have been for a while now. The volunteers and supporters were fantastic on the day - without them we wouldn't b

e able to run it."

For the western teams, this tournament is the only chance some of the children have to test themselves against a larger-scale opposition and a first for some of the girls.

"One of the main reasons we hold it is it's the only way some of the western kids can have an opportunity to attend and participate," Hall said.

"It's the first time Roma has

 sent teams out, which is great.

"We have three western teams coming out now, which helps us and helps them."

Clermont netballers have only recently taken to the court and Hall said it was great to have them play.

"Clermont are just starting to get their netball program under way," she said.

"They have already put a tonne of work into their club. It's really nice to see their hard work pay off."


  • U8 - Winners Sapphires (Blackwater), runners-up Hulks (Emerald), best and fairest Hady Whittaker (Hulks).
  • U9 - Winners Daredevils (Emerald), runners-up Barcaldine, best and fairest Lucy Upton (Daredevils).
  • U10 - Winners Magic Pixies (Cap Coast), runners-up Barcaldine, best and fairest Chelsea Schick (Magic Pixies) and Evie Poulous (Clermont).
  • U11 - Winners Pocket Rockets (Biloela), runners-up Mystiques (Emerald), best and fairest Darci Ryan (Quicksilvers, Emerald).
  • U12 - Winners Red Stars (Longreach), runners-up Storm (Emerald), best and fairest Kimberley Crawford (Clermont) and Grace Arthur (Blue Waves, Longreach).
  • U14 - Winners Hawkeyes (Emerald), runners-up Wolverines (Emerald), best and fairest Leona Waqa (Skittles, Biloela).
  • U17 - Winners Majik (Emerald), runners-up Sapphires (Biloela), best and fairest Ash Todd (Tree Frogs, Rockhampton), Bridie Nebe (Maranoa) and Georgia Goodman (Diamonds, Longreach).

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