'Tears of relief' as community aids children in mourning

UPDATE, 2PM: EIGHT children mourning the loss of their mother have shed "many tears of relief and happiness” today thanks to the generosity of strangers.

Helping From Heaven founder Jody Campion has assisted the family to rebuild their lives after they escaped domestic violence, and recently shared an incredible update on Facebook.

"We've had an amazing offer from someone who wishes to remain anonymous. They are covering the whole cost of the funeral and schooling needs for this family,” Jody posted.

"The eldest child now has full-time employment and childcare has been provided.

"Someone is going to come to the house twice a week and assist with cleaning etc.

"They have had an amazing social worker and counsellor that will support their needs.

"Many tears of relief and happiness were shed this morning. They can now focus on the important things and as a family they cannot thank everyone enough for their kindness and generosity.

"As a community you've all done wonderfully coming together to shine a light on such a devastating situation.

A Go Fund Me page will be created to provide ongoing support for the children aged from six-months to 18 years old.

Donations of the following can be dropped off at Helping From Heaven group member's home at 28 Smithwick Street, Norman Gardens:

  • Fresh fruit and vegetables
  • Meat
  • Frozen veges
  • Bread
  • Lunch box items for school
  • Pull ups for over 30kgs
  • School supplies and funds for uniforms

For more information, search Helping From Heavin on Facebook.

EARLIER: A FAMILY of eight children are mourning the death of their much-loved mother this week after they recently relocated due to domestic violence.

Founder of the volunteer group Helping From Heaven Jody Campion was an old friend of the woman who sadly passed away in hospital and with the help of the community is determined to help the children aged six-months to 18 years.

Jody explained the group, with the assistance of a social worker, had found a new home and schools for the children and the eldest child was looking for a job to support her siblings.

But the unexpected cost of funeral expenses meant the family was back to "square one” and had some immediate needs including food, lunch-box items and pull ups for over 30kgs.

Jody said the response from the community had been amazing, with offers of home-cooked meals, clothing, employment suggestions and a Go Fund Me account in the making.

"There's five of us in the team and we've all had some tough times, that's why we help,” Jody said of Helping From Heaven.

"I'm heartbroken to lose my friend and for these kids.

"The family has cried tears of relief and are very overwhelmed by everyone's kindness and generosity.”

Keppel MP Brittany Lauga said she was contacted by several constituents on Wednesday regarding the family's situation and took to Facebook to spread the word in a heartfelt post.

"I have arranged for a delivery of groceries which are being sent to the family today,” she said yesterday.

"I was devastated to hear about this extremely sad call for assistance brought to my attention.”

Mrs Lauga encouraged community members to drop donations at 28 Smithwick Street, Norman Gardens all day until Sunday evening.

Jody explained she started the Helping From Heaven group two years ago to help her deal with her grief following the death of her mother, Lenore.

"Mum helped everyone she could and even though she didn't have much herself she offered to help.” she said.

"So to help me deal with my grief I thought I'd continue that by helping others.

"We help anyone genuinely needing a hand up; from domestic violence survivors to families and individuals doing it tough.”

Jody said this year the group had helped a lot of people due to domestic violence and she believed it was "definitely increasing”.

"The team all have families of our own and volunteer our time to assist,” she said.

"We will receive a request for assistance then we work out what's needed and if we don't have it already we post on the site and members respond.

"It can range from food or clothes to someone needing basic household goods.”

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