Teen told he won't get more chances

JACOB Levi Sturmey-Wright swears he has turned over a new leaf.

The 19-year-old narrowly avoided a jail sentence on Tuesday after pleading guilty in the Emerald Magistrate's Court to eight separate charges, including assaulting police and drink driving. Despite strong calls from the prosecution that Sturmey-Wright serve time, Magistrate Cameron Press activated the suspended sentence and ordered strict probation conditions be complied with.

The court heard of a string of offences that began on April 26, when a police search of a Campbell St home found a quantity of cannabis seeds and leaves and a silver grinder used to mull the cannabis, which Sturmey-Wright admitted was his.

Then, on May 22, police arrested him at the Emerald Hotel entrance following a fight inside the pub.

Police prosecutor Robyn Schapcott told the court Sturmey-Wright, drunk at the time, told officers at the scene to "arrest me (expletive), my life is (expletive), arrest me".

On June 18, police were called to a car crash in Crinum Cres where Sturmey-Wright had impaled a white Holden Commodore on a fence post.

Sturmey-Wright told officers he had borrowed the car and was "just been going for a drive", and admitted he'd consumed alcohol. He returned a 0.091% reading at the police station.

He was the holder of a learner licence at the time, and told police he'd driven unaccompanied and had no reason for driving.

Solicitor Brian Studman said his client was extremely remorseful for his actions and tendered a letter to the court which swayed Mgst Press to give Sturmey-Wright a last chance.

In his sentencing, Mgst Press took note of the fact each offence was committed near the end of each probation sentence period, and said Sturmey-Wright would be sent to jail if he committed another offence while under strict probation conditions.

"Are you going to comply?" Mgst Press asked, to which the apprentice chef nodded his head and replied: "Yes, I am."

"If you don't make it (to the end) this time, you will go to jail," he warned.

Sturmey-Wright was sentenced to 12 months probation with five months parole, and fined $200 for each driving offence and breach of probation.

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