Aussie fans among first to celebrate Back to the Future Day

Michael J Fox and Christopher Lloyd in a scene from Back to the Future Part II.
Michael J Fox and Christopher Lloyd in a scene from Back to the Future Part II. Contributed

AUSSIE film buffs and sci-fi fans are among the first in the world to celebrate Back to the Future Day today.

Today marks the future date Marty McFly and Doc Brown travelled to in Back to the Future II.

Fan events are being held across the country and many cinemas are holding special screenings of the 1989 film, which predicted a raft of technological advances.

Amazingly the film fairly accurately foreshadowed innovations such as 3D animation, holograms, large flat screens and bio-metrics such as facial and voice recognition.

"There's been a lot of fan anticipation in the past year or so and the frenzy is building up," Angela Ndalianis, a Professor in Screen Studies at the University of Melbourne, told APN.

"It's amazing how a film can have such incredible popular reach in terms of its impact.

"It's phenomenal that in the 20 minutes or so in the film (set in 2015) much of the technology it presents us with is here now in one form or another; things like smart phones, mobile payments, wearable technology, video conferences, 3D glasses."

Michael J Fox in a scene from Back to the Future Part II.
Michael J Fox in a scene from Back to the Future Part II. Contributed

Prof Ndalianis said the film franchise has also inspired a generation of scientists, engineers and inventors to make its more fantastical predictions, such as the hover board and self-lacing shoes, a reality.

Nike is developing self-lacing shoes, although their release won't coincide with today's celebrations, and the Hendo Hoverboard became a reality thanks in part to a Kickstarter crowd funding campaign.

She credits director Robert Zemeckis for much of Back to the Future's success and accuracy.

The Oscar winner is also known for using groundbreaking techniques in Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Contact, Cast Away and his latest film currently in cinemas, The Walk.

"Back to the Future projects itself into the not too distant future and Robert Zemeckis consulted a lot with science people, which made it far more possible to predict the directions technology would go," Prof Ndalianis said.

"He was also a huge fan of the digital era they were on the cusp of at the time. "He was one of the first to work on computer generated imagery and to work with computers and compositing (images) in the Back to the Future films. He's always been a cutting-edge director."

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