KICKING GOALS: The Game Plan tours the region next week.
KICKING GOALS: The Game Plan tours the region next week. Yobro10

The Game Plan hits the road next week

FOR long-term Emerald resident Clinton Adams, sport and recreation is the fabric of any community.

"Whether you're in the Central Highlands or you're in Brisbane it makes no difference,” he said.

"Lifelong friendships are made, children learn to win and lose and from a health point of view it's essential.”

The passionate local will be hitting the road next week with other members of the Game Plan Advisory Committee to promote council's new draft plan for organised sport and active recreation in the region.

The Game Plan is a 10-year plan for organised sport in the Central Highlands region, which outlines the goals and aspirations for the sporting clubs, facilities and programs, with a goal of making sport accessible, inclusive and provide opportunities for all.

Mr Adams said the Game Plan would result in the creation of a strategic hub for better facility management, insurance and safety, club development and access to grants.

"There are benefits in linkages,” he said.

"A lot of sporting organisations don't know how to access grants or what's out there and at the moment if you have no tenure you can't apply for certain funding. The Game Plan is going to be a game changer.”

Community member Daniella Spiccia is also on the advisory committee and said she saw the plan as an opportunity to streamline processes and make clubs more sustainable.

"There's a lot of support coming for strategic planning and financial planning, as well as the ability to upskill committee members, so that our clubs function in a more efficient manner,” she said.

To inform the community of the plan and gather constructive feedback, the Game Plan Advisory Committee will host consultation sessions next week throughout the region.

For more information or if you are unable to attend a session, visit the council website

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