A PASSIONATE MOMENT: Personal development coach Kurek Ashley speaking at Brightwater for the Kawana Chamber of Commerce breakfast meeting.
A PASSIONATE MOMENT: Personal development coach Kurek Ashley speaking at Brightwater for the Kawana Chamber of Commerce breakfast meeting. Erle Levey

The inspiring story of the man they call Transformer

IT'S no use being rich if you are sick. It's no use being wealthy if you are lonely.

To have a successful life needs an holistic approach. One that utilises real strategies in regard to health, fitness, relationships and money.

With 38 motion pictures to his name and success with sports people as well as businesses, personal development coach Kurek Ashley delivered a powerful presentation at the recent Kawana Chamber of Commerce breakfast.

Ashley has been on the set - either in front or behind the camera - with actors such as Sylvester Stallone, Chuck Norris and John Travolta.

He also inspired the 2000 Olympic Australian Beach Volleyball team to a gold medal-winning performance.

And his business skills have seen the Natural Food Store at Forest Glen be transformed into the Kunara Organic Marketplace.

Known as The Transformer, Ashley explained his tactical business coaching using cells of recognition as a tool.

Chicago born and raised but now based on the Sunshine Coast, he used personal experiences to teach what he hoped would be long-lasting results to the sold-out audience at Brightwater Hotel.

Ashley set out on a path with beach volleyballers Natalie Cook and Kerri Pottharst two years before the Sydney Olympics and they walked home with gold medals.

"I may not know the sport,'' he said. "All I know is the difference between first and fourth.

"Finding that extra bit more to get the results.

"Brazil had beaten us 16 of 17 times, but we won. Five points behind at net point, that is when most say it's over.

"This is where they said 'I'm a gold medallist.'

"If and I am ... it's a small difference but beliefs and actions bring results.

Energy attracts like energy. It's a small difference between I know where I'm going and I hope something happens.''

Among the life-changing experiences Ashley has been confronted with include a fatal helicopter accident while filming in the Philippines on a Chuck Norris movie.

The pilot, stuntman, cameraman and key grip were killed when their helicopter slammed into the side of a mountain.

Ashley had been in the chopper but gave up his seat as he did not have a seat belt to use.

Was it intuition that saw him left to try and recover their bodies?

"No, I didn't have a premonition,'' he said.

"Nothing stood out.

"If someone says 'Give me a moment' tell them they don't have a moment.

"You've got to do it now.

"Your life is not your own. There are people who look up to you.

"You don't even know it.

"You need to pull people up, not let them down.

"Commit yourself to those decisions every day.

"The greatest investment you can make is in yourself. If you are feeling great, people invest in you.

"Shift your mindset, reinvent yourself.

"Get a new and improved you.''

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