Young hoons future is on foot

AFTER being caught hooning on Hospital Road and copping a three-month driving disqualification, it seems Emerald’s Nickolas Robert Brooks still has a lot to learn if he had the temerity to ask: “So I’m not allowed to drive home today?”

Magistrate John McGrath’s answer was swift and emphatic: “No.”

Brooks, 18, was fined $350 as well when he pleaded guilty to driving without due care and attention on June 18.

Prosecutor Sergeant Kevin Ongheen said at 9.18pm, Rockhampton traffic branch police saw Brooks’ white Holden Commodore sedan do a u-turn at the intersection with Esmond Street with the engine revving, and tyres squealing as they lost traction.

The car fishtailed for some 30 metres and Brooks was clocked accelerating to 79kmh in a 60kmh zone.

He was then seen to rapidly approach a white Nissan Skyline to within a point of dangerous contact before drifting and pulling away.

Brooks could offer police no reason for his manner of driving and agreed it was dangerous, added Sgt Ongheen.

An inspection of his rear tyres found them to be ‘severely devoid of tread and defective’.

Brooks, who works in a car yard, told the court he had had his licence for only six months.

“This is quite serious behaviour Mr Brooks, quite irresponsible; and I think the reason courts sentence people is... to tell people this is not appropriate behaviour,” said Mr McGrath.

“It is important to tell the people of Emerald it is not appropriate to drive a vehicle in this way.

“I am going to disqualify you... to give you time to just ponder what a privilege it is to have a licence.

“Most people have a licence, but the mere fact you have a licence doesn’t mean you can behave like this.”

No conviction was recorded for the offence.

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