Phillip Kelly and Bob Muir look at a map of the region before heading off to a Tablelands Rd fire.
Phillip Kelly and Bob Muir look at a map of the region before heading off to a Tablelands Rd fire.

The region still burns

GRASSFIRES continued to burn across the region yesterday, with seven different fires reportedly keeping brigades busy throughout the day.

Queensland Fire and Rescue rural operations area director Tony Johnstone said crews had been patrolling Moolboolaman, where a grass fire was burning in inaccessible bush land.

"That will probably go for another few days," he said.

As the area was difficult to get to, Mr Johnstone said water bombing was not an option for the Tirroan and Boolboonda crews, who were working to contain the blaze.

"To water bomb that stuff you need to have people on the ground mopping up," he said.

"It's not a feasible option at this stage. We just have to keep an eye on it."

Tirroan Rural Fire Brigade first officer Les Gane said the fire had started late on Friday night and had taken up to 25 volunteer firefighters to keep it under control.

"The conditions have been horrendous this weekend because of the winds," he said.

"There's also been instances where land owners with and without permits have been lighting up during these extreme weather conditions."

Mr Gane said his crew had saved about eight homes from going up in smoke.

"The eight homes were in immediate threat of burning within 30 minutes," he said.

Reported fires in Buxton, Eureka and Sharon are still active since the weekend, but Mr Johnstone said all three were "pretty well contained".

Fire crews were also patrolling and monitoring a contained fire near Paradise Dam, while one on Carmens Rd, Monduran, was being looked after by landowners and brigades.

Mr Johnstone said the cause of some of the fires was still being determined.

"There was a number of lightning strikes (at the weekend) and, with the extraordinary weather, embers could have come from anywhere," he said.

"High winds have made the fires grow in size."

By yesterday afternoon, a crew of about 25 firefighters was tasked to a Bundaberg Sugar property in Norval Park, Yandaran, to contain a fire that was lit late on Sunday night.

"It's making its way to the beach," Mr Johnstone said.

The area director said rural crews had done a "fantastic" job in the past few days and had put in long and tough hours.

"They were put under enormous pressure but were able to prevail," he said.

Mr Johnstone said the rural fire brigade needed more volunteers, including firefighters, controllers and communications staff.

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