THINK AHEAD: Meal prepping can help you eat healthier without even trying.
THINK AHEAD: Meal prepping can help you eat healthier without even trying. KatarzynaBialasiewicz

The revolution of 'meal prep'

AS A dietitian, I am often asked what my secret is to eating well, what do I know that others don't that helps me keep a nutritious diet?

I can tell you, it's nothing to do with me liking my vegetables.

What sets dietitians apart is that we are completely and utterly obsessed with food.

We think about it constantly.

I've been guilty of planning my next meal even before I've finished eating the food off my plate from the last meal.

This obsession with food often translates into what is now popularly known as 'meal prepping'.

Meal prepping is the action of purchasing, cooking, and portioning meals in advance, ready to pull out of the fridge or freezer as required (posting the photo of your food to social media is optional).

It may seem like common sense, but the simple act of making your meals in advance can have a big impact, not only on your health but on your back pocket.

Think of meal prepping as an 'anti-diet'.

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It's essentially a way of improving your nutritional intake without having to consciously restrict yourself.

By planning in advance and controlling the way you structure your meals your diet will naturally improve.

Using compartmentalised containers (with separated sections for protein, carbs and vegies) takes the guesswork out of your meal prep and helps ensure you get all the nutrients your body needs for a hard day at work. What's more, meal prepping can help you save money.

Choose seasonal produce at a lower price and buy in bulk.

The average Queensland household spends $4561 a year eating out, that's $81 a week.

Although I'm not saying you need to stop eating out completely, meal prepping can help you avoid that mad dash to the pie van come lunch time, or the trip to the local takeaway of an evening.

Thankfully, the days of meal prep meaning boiled chicken breast and broccoli are long gone.

Feel free to experiment with your meals - try a different protein such as turkey mince meatballs, prep Mexican themed meals, or try a protein packed vegetarian meal such as chickpea curry.

With a little planning and preparation you will have meals for the week and be eating healthier without even trying!

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