Striker having a think
Striker having a think

The Story of Striker: the cat who became family

My friend Madonna invited me to her home for lunch one Monday out at Alton Downs, she showed me a litter of kittens that were just born the night before, I said to her I would take one, as long as it was a male.

So I seen this little tiny kitten laying on its own away from the rest, I said if that one is a male I will take it, as the kitten grew, Madonna assured me the kitten was a male, so it was mine, my husband did not want a cat, so he carried on all the way to Alton Downs complaining about having a cat in our home.

Our four children were in the back so excited about picking up our new kitten, when we got there, Madonna"s two girls Majella and Aleisha named the kitten Striker, so we honoured the name and as we thought at the time he would be called Striker.

Not too long after we soon discovered Striker was not a male but in fact a female, so of course the hubby carried on again.

We got Striker fixed up and she was a member of our family and much loved, now Striker took a liking to the husband, following him everywhere, waiting outside closed doors for him, waiting for him to come home from work, she figured out the time of day, when she knew he would be pulling in the driveway, and out she would go and wait, she never left his side.

So of course this made the hubby feel pretty special, and she soon became very special to him, he would call her when she was not around and she would come running.

Now as the children all grew up and left home Striker would be so excited when they use to visit, then the grandchildren came along, and well she was not at all impressed for some reason, running away from them, maybe it was old age setting.

Over the years Striker developed some illnesses that would require surgery and medication, which cost money, my husband said no matter how much it costs Striker will be looked after.

We spent over the years quite a lot of money on medications that she needed to help her in her senior years, but it never fazed my husband, he loved her unconditionally and so did we all.

She was special, she had a beautiful personality, she would sit and talk to you, she loved us all, and we loved her back.

Striker went deaf, and it made us sad that this happened to her and we did not know how long she had been deaf for, and it worried me that she could no longer hear our voices.

It made me sad, did she understand why she could not hear, that broke my heart.

Every night in her senior years she would sit with my husband on the arm of the chair, she would never sit with me, she always went to my husband, I use to get jealous :)

This year in early March we had to say goodbye to our beautiful girl, she started to take fits, and it was not nice to see, my husband and my son took her into the vet and she was put to sleep peacefully.

We lost a member of our family that night, and our hearts will be forever empty and our home not the same, even our naughty 3 year old ragdoll, who is quite the bully, missed Striker and would not eat for nearly four days, that amazed me as Ella thought she was boss of the house, where Striker had other ideas,

To end my story, to those out there who do want to get a pet in there lives, do it if you can afford it, they warm your heart, you will never regret it, they are just like us, they love and hurt just like we do.

Striker lived a blessed life for 21 years and 4 months, she will be forever missed and forever loved.

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