One in 20 Aussies admitting to checking their device during sex.
One in 20 Aussies admitting to checking their device during sex. Ridofranz

The surprising number of people checking phones during sex

AUSTRLIA'S mobile phone addiction has hit a new low, with one in 20 Aussies admitting to checking their device during sex, a national survey by one of Australia's biggest comparison websites has revealed.

But that's small fry compared to a long list of phone faux pas' committed by Australian mobile phone users.

The survey, which questioned 1010 Australians, showed two in five (41%) take their phone to the toilet with them, 32% text and drive, and 29% use their mobile at petrol stations despite the warnings. Checking their phone during a movie (17%) or on an aeroplane (11%) round out the top five bad habits. Telco Expert Alex Kidman said while technology was changing the way people interact, there was a line - and thousands of Australians had crossed it.

"There is such a thing as smartphone addiction, and you'd have to argue that those who whip out their phone during sex fall into that dangerous category," he said.

People are so addicted that one device isn't enough. There are 31 million active mobile phone accounts in Australia, that's equivalent to 1.8 phones per adult. But it doesn't stop there.

Dependency goes as far as seeing devices joining people between the sheets: one third (32%) of Australians say they sleep with their phones in bed at last two to three nights a week. Of them, a staggering 20% keep their phones with them in bed every night.

With checking our phones now firmly embedded in our morning routines, the new research revealed just how extreme this habit has become. One in four (23%) Australians check their phones after five to 10 minutes of waking up, 13% do so after just one minute and 8% within 30 seconds of opening their eyes.

"Given how indispensable smartphones have become for Australians, perhaps these figures aren't entirely surprising," said Kidman.

"When you consider the range of ways we use our phones, whether we're into social media, sexting, video creation or checking stock portfolios, having easy and constant access to your phone is fast becoming a social norm and expected, rather than an oddity."

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