Jeremy Steel (left) at Fiji’s Tokoriki Resort where he has established an International Guest Chef program
Jeremy Steel (left) at Fiji’s Tokoriki Resort where he has established an International Guest Chef program

The world is Jeremy's oyster

GRAFTON chef Jeremy Steele is working the whole range of cooking experiences.

While on TAFE holidays the 27-year-old cooking teacher is taking the opportunity to work on the high end of his career.

Last week he returned from the Tokoriki Resort in Fiji where he has established an International Guest Chef program.

Next week he's heading to Doha, in Qatar, where he will represent Australia in a cooking competition called the Festival of the Senses.

There he will rub shoulders with Michelin-starred chefs. And a week later hosts, the Ritz Carlton, will be the centre of attraction for the cinema industry, with screen legends like Robert de Niro and Brad Pitt arriving for a Tribeca Film Festival.

"I was supposed to come back to teach TAFE after the first week in Doha," Jeremy said.

"But when the executive chef invited me to stay for the film festival, I thought TAFE, Brad, TAFE, Brad; I went with Brad."

Jeremy will be a regular visitor to the Tokoriki Resort.

"I've done the hard yards there, setting up the International Guest Chef program," he said.

"I've set it up so they can get a guest chef to just fly in and get going straight away. I'll be going back there every three or four months to check it all out."

The globe-trotting lifestyle is only a small part of Jeremy's life.

"I teach five different TAFE courses a week. That's my bread and butter work," he said.

"I do a day a week with Juvenile Justice at Acmena, a day with Probation and Parole and another day a week with Mental Health at Coffs Harbour."

Jeremy has created his Chef Steele brand where he does private dining and cooking less- ons. He plans to extend this to his own line of cooking products in the future.

"I've always had a dream to do this sort of thing and it gives me the energy to do the hard yards," he said. "I'm starting to reap the rewards of the seeds sown five or six years ago when I started chasing my dream."

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