There's a snake in my fish tank!

THAT'S NOT A FISH: Leanne Wilkinson got a surprise when she woke up to find a snake in her fish tank.
THAT'S NOT A FISH: Leanne Wilkinson got a surprise when she woke up to find a snake in her fish tank.

HAVING a cuppa on her deck first thing every morning is something of a normality for Leanne Wilkinson.

Turning her head to glimpse a huge snake sitting in her fish tank, is not.

The Sharon woman got the shock of her life when, at 6.30am, she wandered half asleep out onto the deck of her home only to come across the more than four-foot snake inside the enclosed tank.

She said in the water, where the fish usually swam along happily, lay the huge python curled up against the glass.

"I got a huge shock and didn't realise what it was at first," she said.

"I saw a white shape on the glass of the fish tank out of the corner of my eye that, at first, looked like fog."

Upon closer inspection, Mrs Wilkinson's husband was quick to point out the shape was that of a python, over four foot long, which had somehow made it's way into the tank on their Sharon property.

"We are not too sure how the snake managed to get into the tank because it has a timber lid and glass panels on top," she said.

"We think it might have slipped through a tiny space at the back."

Thankfully, no fish were harmed during the invasion.

Once the shock of the early morning surprise had worn off, Mrs Wilkinson said her husband removed the snake.

"My hubby go it out of the tank using brooms and sticks and relocated it to a nearby paddock," she said.

Snake catcher David Flack from CQ Fauna Services said the python could have ended up in the fish tank for a number of reasons.

"They can seek water if they have some sort of skin issue like mites," he said.

"For a wild snake, it might have been seeking a drink or if there was a heated light in the fish tank the snake could have been using it for warmth."

Mr Flack said if you come across a snake in your home or yard, the best thing to do was to leave it be.

"If it is outside it is most likely just passing through and will move away," he said.

"If it is in your home, call a snake catcher."

If you have a snake problem, call Dave Flack on 0407 732 132.

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