Sonya Enkelmann suffered burns to her arms and face after her thermo mix exploded
Sonya Enkelmann suffered burns to her arms and face after her thermo mix exploded

Thermomix explodes leaving mum with burns

IT WAS a heated battle between mum-of-four Sonya Enkelmann and her Thermomix when it exploded while making dinner.

Gracemere local, Sonya said she was left with burns to her face, chest, arms and fingers as well as an extremely messy kitchen to clean up.

Hear from another Morning Bulletin reader who had her Thermomix erupt in her kitchen. 

Thermomix was responsible for 87 burns cases in Australia, according to consumer advocacy group Choice.

Sonya said she was cooking silverside, from a recipe she found on a community forum, when the Thermomix drama unfolded.

What Choice Magazine said about the Thermomix  _ see below this story

 "So I used a piece of Silverside which was bigger than stated so when I put my piece of meat in I put it in the basket and it covered up the hole, so then it didn't breath and it created a vacuum while it was cooking," Sonya said.

"I had it on for 20 minutes on the highest speed and underneath was like a vegetable puree sort of soup consistency so when the timer went off and I went to unlock, it was tight which I thought was odd but I have four kids and I was in a hurry so I was sort of trying to get dinner on the table.

"So I gave it a little force and as soon as I got it to the point of having enough to unlock the whole lid, it just exploded. We had liquid spray right to the other side of the kitchen so it sprayed probably a good four or five meters, all over the roof, the whole kitchen, cupboards, the fridge."

Thankfully she said when the Thermomix exploded the lid flipped towards her it pushed the hot food in the opposite direction.

 The heat from the food caused burns to her arms, face, chest and back of her fingers as well as peeling skin straight off her nose.

"So my worst burns would probably have been to the face and the ones on my arms."

"I didn't (go to hospital) I just went and jumped in the shower for 20 minutes then come back and dealt with the mess of the kitchen, that was the worst bit because it had spread, it went everywhere."

Sonya who admits the accident was a fault of her own, contacted the Thermomix company to tell them what happened to her so they could warn others of the possible danger.

"They (Thermomix) were really great in contacting me to see if it was one of their recipes so they could revise it and fix it up if there was an issue but there wasn't but they we're still very good."

Sonya admits although she isn't scared of using the Thermomix, she does stay away from cooking silverside.

"I use it multiple times a day, I've got two bowls and it gets used every day if not sometimes 10 times a day."

"It even came around Australia with me on my three month trip, it has its own carry bag," she laughed.

The Morning Bulletin has contacted Thermomix and are awaiting a reply.



Thermomix is a kitchen appliance made and sold exclusively by the Corporate Group Vorwerk. It sells for about $2000.

The word "Thermomix" comes from the combination of "thermo" (heating) and "mix" (mixing).

The current Thermomix provides three basic functions: A heating element, a motor for fast or slow blending and stirring and it can weigh the stack of cooking pots and pans.

What Choice Magazine said about the Thermomix

The good

Unlike other kitchen appliances that need to be dragged out and pieced together every time you need to use it, the Thermomix is surprisingly compact with minimal parts. It's designed to live on the benchtop and with a flick of a switch it's ready to go.

Hands free: 
As a mum of two young kids I've lost lost count of the meals I've burned or overcooked, having been called away from the stove to break up a fight, clean up spilled drinks, or carry around a clingy toddler. As for meals that require constant stirring like risotto or polenta - they were off the list altogether. The Thermomix is set-and-forget, with a timer and the ability to stir while cooking. This, best of all, means no burning.

Veggie smuggling: 
If you've ever battled to get your kids to eat their veggies, the Thermomix is a great partner in crime when it comes to sneaking vegetables into meals. With a powerful set of blades it can pulverise carrots, celery, broccoli and more which can be blended into pasta sauces, risottos and soups. So far, even my fussiest eater is none the wiser.

Cooking from scratch
Even a reluctant baker (me) has been coaxed into cooking from scratch with this machine. Muffins can be whipped up and shoved into the oven in minutes. Biscuits and even pastry are equally easy and fast. Other fast favourites include smoothies and juices - all whipped up in seconds.

Cooking for dummies
The guided cooking functions mean that even a complete kitchen novice can follow the step by step instructions and produce some pretty impressive basic dishes such as pizza dough or biscuits.

Making other things: 
If you're feeling adventurous you can even use your Thermo to whip up things like your own laundry detergent, body scrub and moisturiser.

The not so good

While the Thermomix can do a lot, it doesn't do everything.

It can't brown or caramelise, and if you want to slow cook something the timer only runs to a maximum of an hour.

Ice cream? 
While the machine can certainly beat ice-cubes and whatever takes your fancy into a delicious sorbet - it doesn't really make a true ice-cream (despite some misconceptions out there).

While the food it cooks is tasty, I personally don't think you can get the same subtlety of flavour as you'll get on the stovetop.

A different way of cooking: 
Learning to cook differently is a bit of a drag at first. It took some time, effort and practice to learn how to get the best out of my machine.

Horses for courses: 
If you aren't time pressured and love to spend an hour sipping wine and lovingly stirring your risotto then this may not be the machine for you. But if you're time poor and want a kitchen workhorse - a Thermomix or one of the new all-in-one kitchen machines on the market might be a savvy buy. 


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